• Below is guideline pricing for all HUB® software and services along with a licensing price estimator.
  • All HUB® software is supplied with your own bespoke branding which is included in the pricing
  • Note that one venue (for e.g Cruise Ship) can utilise multiple HUB® units under one venue license.
  • The minimum contract period for licensing is six months. (For ‘One-off’ Events please contact us to discuss your requirements.)
  • Showstorm® Enterprise Software & 3rd Party Content is only be supplied on a locked-down HUB® or HUB® Laptop.

Licensing Cost Estimator

Please use the table below to select the products you would like to use under license and the number of venues and contract period.

Core License
Showstorm® Enterprise Core License
Daily cost: £9.42
Gameshows & Gambling
Multilingual bingo
Daily cost: £0
Jukebox bingo
Daily cost: £0
Spin It To Win It
Daily cost: £0
The Pursuit
Daily cost: £0
Less Is More
Daily cost: £0
Daily cost: £0
Daily cost: £0
Fact or Fib
Daily cost: £0
Daily cost: £0
Licensed Music Library
Daily cost: £0
Licensed Karaoke Library
Daily cost: £0
Remote Data Distribution
Remote Data Distribution
Daily cost: £0
Total: £ 9.42
Number of Venues
Venue Volume Discount [%]: 0%
Contract Period (Days)
Contract Volume Discount [%]: 0%
Total discount: 5.5%
Daily Cost Per Venue: £0
Total Cost Per Day: £0