The Professionals Choice

The HUB® is built by Professional Entertainers for Professional Entertainers to Help You Deliver First Class Entertainment Experiences.

The Showstorm Conductor™

A vast and regularly updated multimedia library forms the backbone resource in The HUB®  Comprising of licensed pictures, music and film content all accompanied with preloaded questions and answers of varying difficulty.

Supplied with multi language support and additional WIKI material for infinite question combinations.

  • Quiz Library – Over 25,000 Quiz Questions combined with high definition multimedia content.
  • Digital Scoreboards – Keep track of the scores with a fully customisable onscreen digital scoreboard.
  • Countdown Clocks – to pile on the pressure with a selection of dynamic countdowns.
  • Pre and Post Show Screens with Bespoke Branding, so your audience will always be in the know.
  • Ad Screens – to promote you events and promotions with this powerful customisable feature.
  • Autocredits – to add your own rolling credits after your show to give credit…where credit is due.

The Showstorm Wireless Buzzer System has fully customisable wireless buzzers with player/team screen names and a wide choice of buzzer sounds.

What’s in The HUB® ?

The Showstorm Conductor™ is the central software console that allows users to access all our show tools and the vast quiz library seamlessly and is designed to be used how and where you want to use it effortlessly via a PC touchscreen, Laptop or controlled from a tablet.

Each clients console comes complete with your own beautifully branded HD content with every Conductor set up to each clients exact requirements, the Conductor is YOUR unique control panel for The HUB®

What else is included?

Also included is Showstorm’s unique Multilingual Bingo Caller which can call numbers in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

You can play 90 or 75 ball versions and the product comes complete with full branded production intro and music stings.

Our latest version uses real physics simulation so is probably the only genuinely random Digital Bingo Machine on the market.

Every client has their specific needs both to fit their venue, their brand and their customer demographic. For this reason every set up is different.

High Production Value Gameshow Formats

As well as having a number of unique in-house gameshow software packages that are perfect for use in a live show environment and can be branded for your venue, Showstorm are proud to also be able to offer our clients a selection of real TV branded Gameshows under license.

Showstorm have created unique software programs for some classic TV favourites that are fully licensed and specifically designed for LIVE shows.

We constantly have new game shows under development, we can also create your own unique formats from the ground up.

So whether you just have a rough idea or have already created a fine tuned design, we can bring that into a fully working format for you.

Service & Support

Whatever the specific requirements for your HUB® it will come fully backed by our experienced Showstorm team and their resources.

Our service level starts at Gold, we only work with clients who are looking to deliver the best entertainment possible, it is not always about the budget, but the desire to do the best you can within that budget, theHUB® and Showstorm’s expertise will help you leverage your budget to achieve your vision.


  • We only work with clients looking to deliver first class entertainment, create special memories and improve their revenues, as such our GOLD level is designed to ensure that you have total delight from consultation through installation, training and bespoke tailoring of your HUB®
  • Bespoke HD tailored Content
  • 7 Days a Week Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Exclusive Content & New Product Beta Access


  • You are a client with multiple venues with individual requirements, as such our PLATINUM level consultancy goes deeper into planning your entertainment strategy and working with your teams and training them to achieve total excellence.
  • Bespoke HD tailored Content & Signature Designs
  • 7 Day Support & Emergency Telephone Number
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Developer Consultant
  • Personalised Product Development & Exclusive Content Priority


  • If you are ready for the BLACK ARTS then you want to do something truly audacious with your entertainment program, at this level we will be designing things for you that don’t even exist yet and plugging you in to the most visionary experts in the entertainment industry, let’s blow your customers minds!
  • Totally Unique Content Design
  • 24/7 Support Dedicated Telephone Number
  • Work Directly with Showstorm’s Founder and a Specialist Team
  • Access to our most advanced development platforms and suppliers

*New* Showstorm Live App!

Engage with your audience during a live show using your own branded entertainment app.


This product is currently in beta testing and scheduled for full release in Spring 2020