The HUB® from Showstorm®

Entertainers Software

The HUB® from Showstorm® is a state of the art pre-configured hardware solution housing a suite of software tools that helps professional entertainers deliver a first-class show and maximise the customer experience to generate a significant increase in revenue.

Prices start from less than £10 per day

 Awesome Software for Audacious Entertainers to Deliver Amazing Memories

The HUB® from Showstorm® helps professional entertainers deliver a first class show where all media content can easily be controlled either from a touchscreen or via a tablet.

This powerful tool leverages the ability to maximise the customer experience and can generate a significant increase in revenue.

The HUB® comes pre-installed with the Showstorm Conductor™ a compendium of premium licensed content for Quizzes and show tools with the optional add-on of Gameshows and Bingo.

The HUB® can also be utilised to power your complete DJ and Karaoke solution.


Multimedia Content

The HUB® is packed with licensed multimedia content; Pictures, Music and Film Clips

Premium Training & Support

Full onsite training and comprehensive documentation support for all formats.

Bespoke CGI Branding

High quality bespoke CGI with YOUR branding throughout every application.

Revenue Generation

It is proven that the HUB® doesn’t cost money, it makes you money!

30,000+ Q&A's

Over 30,000 pre-loaded Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty questions and answers.

Total DJ & Karaoke Solution

The HUB® can also be utilised to power your complete DJ and Karaoke solution.

Premium Gameshows

Choose from Top TV brands or our own premium gameshow formats.

Secure Content with Remote Updating

The HUB® is locked down to prevent data theft and corruption.

Professional Wireless Buzzer System

Unique and manufactured by Showstorm, this 10-piece prosumer grade wireless buzzer system that is compatible with all HUB® gameshows and the Showstorm Conductor™software.

For larger audience participation, we also offer personally branded handsets which allow instant interactive multiple-choice selections.

*New* QUIZSTORM® Live App!

To accompany our hardware solutions you will now be able to engage with your audience during a live show using your own branded entertainment app.

QUIZSTORM® Live is a professional standalone solution with no third-party dependencies which can scale to audience sizes of 10,000+

QUIZSTORM® Live will be available for free on IOS and Android.

The QUIZSTORM® Live App is currently in beta testing and scheduled for full release in Spring 2020.

If you would like to be involved with the beta testing then please contact us.

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